Saturday, April 9, 2011

Celebrating Talent ...

Grand Opening! Mongoose Jewelry - Online Jewelry Store!A friend of mine, David Light, has recently reopened his jewelry business - Mongoose Jewelry, on is great news because David is a creative and artistically gifted young adult.
"I'm a recent college graduate with an artistic soul. I started doing chainmaille my freshman year, and have been working on mastering the art for about half a decade now. I prefer to spend more time making fewer pieces, with the goal being perfection and artistic expression within those pieces. I do custom work as well, so please feel free to contact me with ideas.
Everything I create is handmade from start to finish. Not only to I weave the patterns, but I create the rings myself starting with raw wire. Recently, I even set up a studio so that I can anodize my own niobium. I never buy precut rings from a manufacturer. Taking charge of the entire process is certainly more time consuming, but also more rewarding, and gives me a greater deal of control over the finished product"
David also happens to have ADHD, a neurological and biological condition that presents with learning, attention, behavior, and social skills challenges. Despite the challenges, people with ADHD are highly creative. Creativity, I believe, is one of the compensatory strategies that persons with ADHD have.

David concentrating hard (for the customer) on a piece of jewelry.

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