Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My AMAZING boss!

" Katie -

Kathy & I very much appreciate the work that you do for us... Both the quality of your work and the positive attitude and work ethic you always have. We just wanted to thank you say, "GREAT JOB"!
This small "holiday bonus" is intended to express our thanks... Hopefully you can treat yourself to some little treat that will help make your holiday season a little more enjoyable.
& Kathy"

Disclaimer: I typed up the words in the same format they appear on the card.

My response to Phil and Kathy:

Thank you for the card and the “holiday bonus.” I enjoy working at Light and Associates. I appreciate your willingness in being flexible regarding my work schedule and college classes. My job at Light and Associates has encouraged me to pursue an Associate degree of Applied Business in “Office Operations Management.”

At various times, Phil mentioned some of my traits. I would like to expand on what he stated. My positive attitude and work ethic are part of my personality; however, my attention to detail and quality of work relate to my Asperger’s Syndrome. My positive attitude relates to my strong aversion of pity parties. As one “You Tube” video put it, “Everyone has challenges. Everyone has choices. Everyone can find their own path to success.”

Regarding Facebook, some of the information is no longer applicable to me. (I have not updated my profile in nearly a year.) Recent information can be found at my blog:

Some of my favourite quotes are by Temple Grandin, an animal scientist and college professor who experiences Asperger’s. She says, "My life is basically my work. I obtain great satisfaction out of using my intellect. I like to figure things out and solve problems." Grandin’s quotes apply to me approxiamtely 90 percent of the time.

My interests and fascinations include but are not limited to: reading – usually non-fiction but also some fiction, writing – poetry, opinion responses, blogging, comparing and contrasting, and other types. I listen to almost all Country artists. In addtion, I like inspirational music, classical, Jazz, The Beatles, Weird Al Yankovic, and others. I’m open to most genre’s that don’t include explicit material.