Monday, November 14, 2011

Cancer TRUTH Explained!

Yet again, my employer has lost ANOTHER family member to Cancer. A co-worker lost his wife to Cancer. Where's the outrage? 

There are many factors that may cause or worsen Cancer. Cancer is NOT the ONLY factor that can kill in this serious, life-threatening disease. Poor nutritional intake can and DOES contribute to the progression of Cancer and other serious diseases because malnourishment can't possibly help with the treatment of Cancer (chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery).The food and beverages served in hospitals and other public facilities does NOT meet acceptable nutrition standards nor is it of decent quality. Food that is served to patients in hospitals is highly processed, refined, and depleted of all (or most) nutrients.

Lack of exercise that includes (but is not limited to) lying in a bed (at the hospital or at home), watching TV or playing video games is another factor that can exacerbate Cancer.