Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have blogged about Ari Ne'eman. Ari is an adult who experiences Asperger's Syndrome. Ari is my best friend. Most people know of and about his organization, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Running an organization is HARD WORK! Ari is NOT a celebrity. He has NOT been "cured" or "recovered" from his Asperger's. This post is NOT intended to brag about Ari's accomplishments.

There is a LOT that goes UNSEEN!

Any person (whether or not he or she has Asperger's Syndrome, Autistic Disorder, PDD-NOS, etc.) will try to conduct oneself as professionally as possible in public, especially in the media. Managing Asperger's is VERY CHALLENGING.

Not many people (Do NOT ask because I will not answer personal questions.) know about Ari's PRIVATE life. This is NOT about pity. This is about DANGEROUS ASSUMPTIONS!

Ari is not an "Asperger's inspiration." He is a PERSON. There is more to his life than his Asperger's (whether or not you KNOW).

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