Friday, March 19, 2010

Why is my job at the accounting firm so amazing? The BENEFITS of self-disclosure!

As I have mentioned, I work at Light and Associates, an accounting firm. Phil and Kathy Light, Linda, and I are currently very busy. As per previous post, I have disclosed "Asperger's Syndrome" to Phil, Kathy, and some other individuals at the office. (The office includes several companies.) I have received positive feedback from Phil and Kathy.
  • I gave Phil the thank you letter. I wanted to thank him for hiring me and the extremely thoughtful cards and "bonuses" he put inside. Later, I told him, "I hope the letter didn't embarrass you. I'm very self-conscious about how other people perceive my written and spoken words. Phil said, "It's okay if you feel more comfortable expressing your emotions in writing." I replied, "Thank you." I didn't say anything else, but these words really gave my self-confidence a boost. I really appreciate Phil's understanding and acknowledgement of my communication challenges.
  • Phil often says, "Thank you for your hard work." Again, his statements make me feel GOOD about myself. One of Phil's sons came in to the office to see him. Phil introduced me to him and said, "This is Katie." Then he told his son that I am a hard worker. Phil, thank you for your kind words. I enjoy making Phil and Kathy look good, especially to their family members and clients.
  • Phil said this due to his previous statement, but I will not post it due to confidentiality. He stated, "You know all about dealing with challenges? You've had some of your own, right?" I answered, "Yeah." I didn't make eye contact because I was uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable because I knew he was referring to "Asperger's," but he did NOT say the word "Asperger's." Phil, if you read my blog, feel free to use the word "Asperger's" if applicable.
Disclaimer: Each bullet point indicates a different occurrence.

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