Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ready, Willing, ABLE, and Employable

Kathy typed up a letter in addition to the evaluation given by my vocational program, Cuyahoga East Vocational Educational Consortium (CEVEC).

This is what Kathy typed.

"Some additional thoughts regarding Katie

Katie is a wonderful addition to our staff! She has the built in attention to detail that is impossible to teach but is an important ingredient for success in an office environment, especially in an accounting office. Katie often finds the inconsistencies that we are unaware of and has helped us become more consistent, both in our work duties and communications.

Katie has made the extra effort to learn the names of the other people working in our office (as you may know we have three firms sharing space) and she makes an effort to greet each one by name when the opportunity presents itself. She makes more eye contact as she gets more and more comfortable with each of us.

As Katie becomes more familiar with our expectations she has become better able to judge the quality of her own work and make more independent decisions on what should or should not be redone. I expect this to continue to improve. She errs on the side of caution, and that is the best way.

The other people in our office have observed the growth that Katie has exhibited, and are quite impressed with her efforts and abilities. They have expressed an interest in sharing her services and we are presently working out the details. This affords us the opportunity to continue employing Katie through the summer and hopefully into the fall. We have plans to increase Katie's skill set with some accounts receivable and other duties as she grows more comfortable and more able to absorb further instruction.

Thank you for introducing us to Katie. We hope to make her a permanent member of our working family and continue to help her grow as she is helping us grow.


Kathryn R. Light

I would like to thank Kathy and Phil for their patience, understanding, and helping me acquire new skills. Thank you for believing in me.

Support Accommodation, NOT pity!

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